High quality carbide tipped hammers made for the professional stone mason working with hard stone

Carbide Tip Hammer with Sledge

#1C 2-1/2LB Carbide Tip Hammer with Sledge

This hammer has multiple uses.  The hammer can be swung using the carbide tip to shape stone.  It can also be used as a tracer for splitting stone.  You hold the hammer with the carbide tip against the rock and strike the sledge side with another hammer.  By doing this you can score a line in the stone to split the rock.


Double End carbide Tip Hammer

#2C 2-1/2LB Double End Carbide Tip Hammer

This double end carbide tipped hammer is used for shaping and trimming hard stone.  The hammer is designed with carbide on both ends for long life. 


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Carbide Tipped Hammers

Our carbide tipped hammers are manufactured by Micon Products in Vancouver, Canada. We use the same Swedish made carbide inserts that are used in our high quality line of carbide tipped chisels. The Swedish carbide is known as some of the best in the world. Each hammer is made with high quality steel and finished with a strong hickory handle. These carbide hammers are designed for stone masons working with granite and other hard stone. 

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