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Mining Tools

Mining Tools
Micon Product is the supplier of a number of tools for the mining industry. We manufacture split set driver tools, nut runners, bar spinners, scaling bars and more. Micon Products has been in the mine supply industry since 1960.

Split Set Driver Tools, Friction Bolt Driver

split set driver
We manufacture driver tools for split sets and friction bolts. Standard driver tools are available in SS33, SS39, SS46. We have the capability to make special order split set drivers to meet our customer’s needs. We are happy to manufacture large or small orders.

Nut Runners

Nut Runners
We manufacture nut runners for the mining industry. We stock standard nut runners and we have the ability to make a nut runner to meet the requirements of our customers. Like with most of our mining products, we are happy to produce small or large orders.

Bar Spinners

Bar Spinners
We manufacture bar spinners for the mining and construction industry. Most standard bar spinners can be shipped right off the shelf. Bar spinners are available with hex socket, threaded, or with a shank. Our oval bar spinners are perfect for a quick and secure grip on the bar and we also make threaded bar spinners. We are capable of manufacturing a special order bar spinner to meet your needs.

Scaling Bars

Aluminum Scaling Bars
Micon Products is the manufacturer of high quality steel and aluminum scaling bars . A Micon Scaling Bar is perfect for rock scaling in mining or construction. Steel scaling bars are made of hardened 7/8" hexagon high carbon steel with a forged moil point on one end and angle chisel on the other end. Also available are scaling bars with straight chisel and angle chisel. Square aluminum scaling bars are complete with tips made of hardened high carbon steel. Tips available are moil point, straight chisel or angle chisel. Bars with one tip only are also available.

Drill Steel Extension / Cheater Steel

Also known as a cheater steel or cheater bar, our drill steel extension saves time and money.

The drill steel extension is used when a person drilling wants to get extra depth from a hole without having to remove the drill steel and insert a longer rod.

The extension fits into the rock drill and the socket of the drill steel slides over the existing drill rod.

We stock drill steel extensions for 7/8”x4-1/4” hex shank in 12” and 22” long.  The socket end is 7/8” Hex.

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